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PUSAT PENJUALATAN ALAT LABORATORIUM TESTING EQUIPMENT FOR CIVIL ENGINEERING Material Testing Equipment for : Soil * Cement * Concrete * Aggregate * Aspal * Etc. Material Testing Equipment, for: SOIL EQUIPMENT SO-110A Hand Bor SO-130A Standard Penetration Test SO-140 Sample Extruder SO-145 Sample Extruder SO-150A Dynamic Cone Penetrometer SO-170 Corps of Engineer Soil Surface Sampler SO-200 Dutch Cone Penetrometer SO-210 Dutch Cone Penetrometer SO-250A Plate Bearing Test Set SO-260 Field CBR Test Set SO-270 Proving Ring Penetrometer SO-280 TVA Penetrometer SO-310 Liquid Limit Test Set SO-311A Liquid Limit Device SO-311B Liquid Limit Device SO-315 Plastic Limit Test Set SO-320 Shrinkle Limit Test Set SO-330A Hydrometer Analysis Test Set SO-338 Mechanical End Over End Shaker SO-339A Vacuum Stand SO-340 Specific Gravity ( Heating Method) SO-340A Specific Gravity ( Vacuum Method) SO-340B Specific Gravity ( Vacuum Method) SO-350 Compaction Test Set SO-360A Laboratory CBR Test Set SO-360B Laboratory CBR Test Set SO-370 Combination Permeameter SO-390A Compaction Permeameter Test Set SO-395A Compaction Permeameter Test Set SO-400 Sand Cone Test Set SO-430 Speedy Moisture Tester SO-450 Moisture Content Test Set SO-500 Unconfined Compression Machine SO-500A Unconfined Compression Machine SO-515 Consolidation Test Set SO-525 Direct Shear Test Set AGGREGATE EQUIPMENT AG-100 .. 106 Sample Splitter AG-111 Gilson Sample Splitter AG-122 Precission Sample Splitter AG-170 Length Gauge AG-180 Thickness Gauge AG-200A .. 242A Brass Round Sieve AG-300A .. 342A Stainless Steel Round Sieve AG-400A .. 418 Wooden Sieve AG-492 .. 493 Wet Washing Sieve AG-510 Sieve Shaker AG-515 Sieve Shaker AG-600 Sand Equivalent Test Set AG-610 Sand Equivalent Shaker AG-621 Bottle Roller AG-700 Los Angeles Abrassion Machine AG-750 Aggregate Impact Test AG-760 Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus AG-760A Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus AG-800 Bulk Density Test Set AG-810A Absorption of Fine Aggregate Test Set AG-825 Specific Gravity & Absorption of Coarse Aggregate Test Set AG-830 Specific Gravity & Absorption of Coarse Aggregate Test Set AG-910 Organic Impurities Test Set AG-920 Soundness Test Set CEMENT EQUIPMENT CE-100 Air Permeability of Porland Cement by Fineness Device CE-110 Specific Gravity of Hydraulic Cement Test CE-120 Time of Setting of Hydraulic Cement by Vicat Needle CE-160 Compressive Strength of Hydraulic Cement Mortar CE-160A Compressive Strength of Hydraulic Cement Mortar CE-170 Compression Machine CE-175 Compression Machine CONCRETE EQUIPMENT CO-300 .. 301 Concrete Cylinder Mold CO-311 .. 312 Concrete Cube Mold CO-317A .. 319A Concrete Beam Mold CO-321.3 .. 321.5 Compression Machine CO-325.3 .. 325.5 Compression Machine CO-330 Hydraulic Concrete Beam Testing Machine CO-351 Mechanical Concrete Beam Testing Machine CO-355 Compacting Factor Apparatus CO-370 Slump Test Set CO-370A Slump Test Set CO-380 Vebe Time CO-400 Air Content of Fresh Mixed Concrete CO-410 Vibrating Table CO-470 Vertical Cylinder Capping Set CO-500 Modulus Elasticity in Concrete Test Set CO-525 Split Tensile Test CO-550 Concrete Test Hammer CO-555 Calibration Anvil CO-610 Laboratory Concrete Mixer ASPHALT EQUIPMENT BI-100A Specific Gravity of Semi-Solid Bituminous Materials BI-110A Distilation of Cutback Asphalts BI-120 Water Content in Petroleum Products BI-150A Saybolt Viscosimeter BI-200 Flash and Fire Point by Cleveland Open Cup BI-200A Flash and Fire Point by Cleveland Open Cup BI-210A Softening Point Test Set BI-220A Loss On Heating / Thin-Film Test BI-230 Laboratory Penetration Test Set BI-230A Laboratory Penetration Test Set BI-250 Ductility of Bituminous Materials Test Set BI-300 Contrifuge Extractor Test Set BI-300A Centrifuge Extractor Test Set BI-310 Reflux Extractor Test Set BI-320 Marshall Test Set BI-400A Core Drilling Test Set BI-450 Benkleman Beam BI-470 Mot Straight Edge MISCELLANEOUS EQUIPMENT MI-100 Tensile Testing Machine MI-120 Dibble ( Tugal) MI-130 Rain Gauge GENERAL EQUIPMENT Proving Ring, Dial Indicator, Dial Holder Cent O-Gram, Triple Beam Balance, Havy Duty Solution Balance, Platform Scale, Digital Balance Oven ( Memmert) , Hot Plate, Water Bath Cooling System, Butane Field Heater, Bunsen Burner, Statif, Tripod Stand, Asbestos Wire Gauze, Glass Clamp Square Pan, Rectangular Pan, Round Pan, Mixing Bowl, Sample Can, Thin Box, Glass Plate Graduated Cylinder, Volumetric Flask, Beaker Glass Enlenmeyer Flask, Vacuum Flask, Density Bottle Separatory Funnel, Filter Funnel Dissicator, Silica Gel Funnel, Burette, Evaporating Dish, Mortar and Pestle, Wash Bottle, Pipette Crucibles Thermometer, Pocket Dial Thermometer, Dial Thermometer, ASTM Thermometer Manometer, Vacuum Manometer, Vacuum Pump Hydraulic Cylinder, Hydraulic Hand Pump, Hydraulic Electric Pump, Hydraulic Hose Stop Watch, Vernier Caliper, Levels Open End Wrench, Ring Spanner, Allen Key, Pipe Wrench, Strap Wrench, Adjustable Wrench Rubber Gloves, Leather Gloves, Asbestos Gloves, Quatering Canvas Round Scoop, Flat Scoop, Scoop Pan, Aggregate Scoop Spatula, Scrapper, Spoon, Trowel, Gardener' s Type Trowel Wire Saw, Chissel, Straight Edge, Ruler Rubber Mallet, Hammer, Steel Wire Brush, Brass Wire Brush, Soft Brush, Tamping Rod Mortar Mixer EMAIL : info.fanarisa@ yahoo.com
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